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Development Services

From Concept to Completion, We Offer Unrivaled Support

Once you have planned, programmed, and benchmarked your senior living project, you’re ready to execute the plan. Our team of professional program managers brings decades of experience overseeing the design and construction of senior living projects. From renovation and additions to campus expansions to full greenfield development, we serve as an owner’s representative to ensure projects are managed efficiently and effectively. This allows our clients to focus on their core mission — and sleep well at night knowing their interests are represented from preconstruction through occupancy.


Our job as your owner’s representative

  • Assemble the design team
  • Assemble the construction team
  • Ensure strong but fair contracts
  • Prepare a preliminary finance plan
  • Prepare a preliminary master plan
  • Validate the project budget and schedule every step of the way
  • Provide a construction budget and schedule validation

Get in touch to get the ball rolling

Get in touch with us and we can provide you with more information or a no-cost initial consultation. We strive to help save you time and money while increasing the value of your next project.

Plante Moran Living Forward

Regional offices:
Northwest Chicago
Chicago Riverside
Southfield, MI
Cincinnati, OH
Cleveland, OH
Toledo, OH

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