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Analysis & Feasibility

Achieving the Optimum Balance of Cost and Quality

We offer a range of financial analysis services that help give senior living organizations a clearer view of your options, while assessing and quantifying the risk and rewards of those options. Strategic capital sourcing is one of the most vital parts of any project because it helps ensure that what’s on your wish list is affordable and properly budgeted for.


Market Study

“Does this investment make economic sense?”

It’s the key question our Preliminary Study will answer for you. Outlining location viability, identifying and analyzing qualified target markets by age and income, and giving initial estimates for rent and service packages, among other things, will help give you a cost-efficient, bird’s-eye view that helps uncover all your options.

We can also assist in your senior living project by performing a Comprehensive Market Feasibility Study. This is a thorough quantitative and qualitative analysis that utilizes extensive on-site observation and surveying by researchers. It’s a “boots on the ground” research and analysis that looks beyond just quantitative demand estimates from secondary sources and calculates current economic conditions.

Let us evaluate your plans before they’re put in motion.


Financial Underwriting


To determine the feasibility of a project, our team will use sophisticated pro forma modeling to compute future cash flows on the basis of overall services volumes. The results will give you the comprehensive story you need to market your capital project plan to all the possible financial markets.

Debt Capacity

To determine debt capacity, our team utilizes benchmark ratio data to compute the maximum allowable debt, helping you assess your current and future financial position. The team’s report will also give you an idea of how rating agencies may view your organization and its creditworthiness now and in the next one to five years.



Operational Consulting

When your project is ready to begin operations, you’ll want to be sure it runs effectively and efficiently in order to ensure you are meeting covenants and other financial goals.

Our team will take a holistic look at your operations and financial efficiency, monitoring them in relation to the original forecast, benchmarking them against industry best practices, and evaluating your financial performance and outcome measurements.

Get in touch to get the ball rolling

Get in touch with us and we can provide you with more information or a no-cost initial consultation. We strive to help save you time and money while increasing the value of your next project.

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