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St. Leonard Senior Living Community

senior care living community

Since 1982, the Franciscans of St. Leonard have worked with the city of Centerville, OH to provide affordable living services in a continuing care retirement community for seniors. Located on 240 acres, and with approximately 700 residents, St. Leonard is committed to a mission of vitality, wellness and spirituality.

Services: Financial Analysis, Project Feasibility, Project Management, Furniture Procurement, Move Management

Second set of eyes provides long-term strategic vision

St. Leonard’s Senior Living Community engaged Plante Moran Living Forward™ (PMLF) as owner’s representative during the design and construction of three facilities on their campus. The new development included a 22,000-square-foot wellness center, featuring a hospitality center, pool, and restaurant; a 74,000-square-foot memory support building; and a large new storage facility. The program also included extensively redesigning and renovating an existing facility to become the center hub of the campus.

Throughout the multi-year process, PMLF kept all new design, development, and construction within a $22 million budget. In addition, PMLF helped St. Leonard manage the redesign and construction of a new campus road system as well as upgrades to the community’s existing 250 cottages and garden homes, 73 independent apartments, and 100 independent apartments.

strategic, financial, operational, and development

101,000 sq. ft.
Centerville, OH

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